i literally have not been on tumblr in a month and i have a shit ton of new followers…

hi? thank you? why?

(ps college is awesome)

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I don’t want to go


imagine if i got paid everytime i pissed wow id be so rich i literally pee twice an hour

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Things I LOVE about Mia Von Glitz

» Her outfits.

i feel like everyone is finally on my level with mia/darren and it is fucking glorious DO YOU GUYS GET FINALLY GET IT?!?!? DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME NOW?!?! ITS BEEN LIKE TWO YEARS TOOK YOU ALL LONG ENOUGH

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i need to wake up in like 6 hours but fuck hat video fuck i am never recovering the swooshing butterflies in my tummy and the need to claw off my own face from cuteness is never going away they have killed me their adorableness has fucking killed me

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